Gel Nail Polish- The Benefits and Drawbacks of Application

You may have been offered gel nail polish application the last time you visited your favorite nail bar. You may have been hesitant to try it out, and declined the offer altogether. You’ve passed out on a great opportunity of sporting beautiful nails for a longer period of time. Beside its long-lasting feature, gel nail polish offers more benefits than you could ever imagine. If you want to learn more about this cutting-edge nail product, read all juicy information below.


  • Gel nail polish is formulated to last up to 3 weeks

Lacquer polish takes a beating after a few days of application. You will start small chips on the edges of the nail, which means that you may have to take all of them out earlier than planned, or bear with looking at those unsightly nails until your next visit to the nail bar. This will never be your problem once you apply gel nail polish. Gel nail polish features a thicker consistency even with just a single coat. This means that it is rather difficult to remove them even if you do a lot of activities that involved the use of hands or nails.

  • Quick dry formula

Gel nail polish such as Nuluv is guaranteed to dry in minutes. A unique quality of gel nail polish is that it needs to dry under UV or LED light. A lamp usually accompanies a gel nail polish kit. This device functions to dry the gel formulation in just a few minutes. Women need not dry them further after placing their nails under the lamp, thus saving time altogether.

  • Cost-effective nail grooming product

The long-lasting feature of gel nail polish means that women do not need to change their polish on a weekly basis. Nail salon services are not exactly what you call cheap, especially if you visit them on every seven days. Gel nail polish reduce application to once a month, thus enabling you to save money which you can spend on more important things.

  • Perfect base for nail art designs

If you are big on nail art, you will be delighted to know that gel nail polish work great as base for nail art. As gel nail polish dry quickly, it becomes relatively easy to install nail paint and other embellishments on it.

Drawbacks of Gel Nail Polish

As gel nail polish is a relatively new nail care product, there are still hesitations among customers regarding its safety. There are claims that gel nail polish can place the health and wellness of users in danger:

  • There are certain reports that gel nail application can lead to cancer. There is no evidence leading to this conclusion, as studies are still on the way to verify the safety of gel nail formulations
  • Gel nail polish may lead to infections
  • Slow recovery time. Technicians report that nails may suffer from discoloration after a few weeks of installation. This means that women may need to get intensive manicure and pedicure after taking out gel nail polish.
  • Nail thinning is possible especially among women who get nail services on a regular basis.

A Closer Look at the P90 Nutrition Guide

If you want to become fit or ripped, you really have to start exercising and working out. Both exercising and working out are very crucial because they allow you to perform cardiovascular exercises for your respiratory system and they allow you to lift weights, which are ideal for you to build all your muscle groups respectively. Another crucial part of getting ripped is the food that you eat, which must be healthy to say the least. If you want a total body workout that provides you with cardio exercises, strength training, and a nutrition guide; the P90 fitness program is a very good program to use. Here is a P90 review on its healthy nutrition guide.

Overview of the P90 Nutritional Guide

The P90 has nutritional guide that you should follow if you want to develop your dream body. Many P90 reviews only generally discuss the P90’s superior nutrition guide. In this review, let us take a closer look at the different meals that you can make from the P90 Nutritional Guide.

Daily Meals


For your breakfast the P90 guide gives you many food options to choose from such as: shakes, pancakes, eggs and toast, omelets, and oatmeal. Each breakfast option in the P90 Nutrition Guide has a total of only 400 calories.


For your lunch, you also have many food options to choose from such as: wraps, egg avocado salad, pumpkin soup, tuna salad, and many more. Each lunch option in this nutrition guide also has a total of 400 calories.


For your dinner option, the P90 Nutrition Guide is packed with delicious options such as salmon and vegetables, Chicken Parmesan, chicken sesame with beans, shrimp and asparagus over brown rice, and many more. The dinner selection of the nutrition guide is also 400 calories per dish.


The P90 program allows you to snack in between meals. You have many options to choose from such as: shakes, smoothies, baked sweet potato, apple with almond butter, sliced apple with cottage cheese, yogurt, and many more. The nutrition guide’s selection of snacks ranges between 100 to 150 calories each.

Eating three times a day by using the P90 Nutrition Guide ensures that your body only intakes 1200 calories from meals. When you add this number to the amount of calories you gain from snacking, the result does not exceed 1500 calories a day, which is an ideal amount of calorie intake for burning fat efficiently. Keep in mind that these meals are all delicious and filling. Depending on which meal you eat, the chances of you getting hungry in between meals are rather less.

Bottom Line

Many people believe that the secret to losing weight is by starving themselves. This is untrue as your body will experience extreme catabolism, wherein your body eats away at your muscles to compensate for the lack of energy. Following the P90 food menu closely allows your body to receive the proper nutrition that is free of fatty cholesterol and calories.


Scalp Micro Pigmentation- New-Age Treatment for Hair Loss

Receding hairlines and male pattern baldness plagues a large population of men in their 40s and beyond. Although scalp surgery has been around for many years as a viable and effective solution for hair loss, its expensive nature has stopped men from undergoing the procedure. Toupees on the other hand appears to be a great solution to cover those bald spots and unsightly hair line recessions. However this is the case, this only becomes the last resort for men. Thankfully, a new procedure has been developed to treat hair loss in men. Find out more about it in the following points below.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation- What is it?

In essence, scalp micro pigmentation is a technique where the scalp is pigmented or tatted with permanent ink, thus making it appear that the scalp has newly-shaved hair all the time.  This procedure is basically aesthetic in nature, as the root cause of hair loss or receding hair line are not targeted or treated in any way. This is perfect for men suffering from hair loss due to unknown causes. Also, men who have literally tried everything under the sun, but has not yet found the ultimate treatment for their baldness or hair loss resort to scalp micro pigmentation for lasting results.

Where to Get Micro Pigmentation?

Although Scalp Micro Pigmentation or SMP involves the tattooing of a specialty ink onto the scalp region, this does not mean that any tattoo parlor can implement this sensitive aesthetic procedure. Based on scalp micro pigmentation experts of smpguru.com, this procedure may only be performed by and entrusted to specialists who have undergone training and extensive knowledge of how scalp micro pigmentation works.

The process of SMP involves tattooing of thousands upon thousands of mall dots onto the scalp. The goal is for the expert to excellently replicate the real look of newly-grown hair on the scalp of clients. A high-level of dexterity is needed in order for scalp micro pigmentation to achieve the best results.

How long does Scalp Micro Pigmentation Procedure Last?

On average, a scalp micro pigmentation procedure lasts between five to ten hours. The SMP procedure is divided into 4 appointments so as to save time, and to allow clients to rest the scalp after each SMP procedure. The qualities of your hair such as thickness are assessed at the onset of the procedure, as these measurements help experts in gauging the right size of dots to tattoo onto the scalp. The size of a client’s head and the style that a client wants are factors heavily considered when calculating the length and duration for each scalp micro pigmentation session.

SMP- A Painful Procedure?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a 100% safe procedure. Men who are seriously looking into trying this treatment out will be glad to know that pain level during sessions range from mild to moderate only. Although tattooing is involved in this procedure, dotting ink onto the scalp is not as painful or uncomfortable as that of having traditional skin tattoos. SMP practitioners may prescribe painkillers before each session to alleviate pain, and to speed up the tattooing process altogether.


A Brief Introduction on Malta Individual Investor Program

The Malta Individual Investor Program or IIP under Legal Notice 47 of 2014 was first established in 2013, and legally enacted in November 2014. This law grants residency to non-citizens. Meeting eligibility requirements and paying the necessary contributions and fees will then lead to naturalization or citizenship.

The Malta Individual Investor Program targets affluent individuals from non-EU countries who wish to be granted economic benefits and opportunities in Malta and other EU member states. Applicants must meet a strict set of criteria before they can deemed eligible for citizenship. Principal applicants should contribute up to EUR 650,000 to the National Development Fund of Malta and complete a 12-month residency before the issuance of certificates of naturalization or citizenship.

Who are Eligible for IIP?

Affluent personalities and their respective families from all over the world are invited to apply for IIP. According to studies, the rich and wealthy from non-EU countries such as Russia, China, Ukraine, South Africa, Canada, and the United States, are just some of the individuals looking into applying for citizenship in Malta.

Aside from financial capability, applicants will also be subjected to a series of strict vetting and due diligence processes. This means that a primary applicant and dependents undergo background checks, and verification of documentation before they can be eligible for naturalization.

Another requirement that applicants need to meet is that of proof of residency. The primary applicant should be able to commit himself to residence in Malta for at least one year. In order to meet this requirement, applicants are required to purchase a residential property at EUR 350,000 value or lease a residential unit for EUR 16,000 per annum under a five-year leasing contract.

The biggest contribution that applicants need to meet is that of money that is to be made out to Malta’s National Development Fund:

  • Upon approval, the primary applicant is require to contribute a total of EUR 650,000, EUR10,000 of which should be paid off upon initial application
  • The spouse of the application is required to contribute a total of EUR 25,000. Should the main investor wish to include his children, EUR 25,000 is made as contribution per each child.
  • Children aged 26 and older as well as parents of the primary applicant are required to contribute EUR 50,000 per dependent.

A primary applicant wishing to enjoy the many benefits of Malta citizenship should also be willing to make stocks and bonds investment amounting to EUR 150,000. The stocks, bonds, and debentures where applicants need to invest on are those pre-approved and sanction by the Government of Malta.

Applicants for Malta Individual Investor Program should purchase Global Health Insurance as a prerequisite for citizenship. Insurance should cover at least EUR 50,000 for the main applicant and each of his dependents. In addition, the policy should be maintained for an indefinite period of time in order for the IIP-agencies to pre-approve citizenship.


How the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike may be The Best Exercise Bike Today

Enrolling in a gym is definitely a good idea as you have the chance to become healthier through exercise. The only problem about going to the gym is you really need to allot time to go. You also need to spend a little bit more for your transportation as you travel to and from the gym. Even the gym memberships can get pretty expensive when you pay by the year. If you wish to avoid all of these, a suitable alternative is to buy the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike, which many consider as the best exercise bike today.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike features

With this upright exercise biker review of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike, we believe that you will appreciate the many functions that make this bike one of the best upright exercise bikes in the planet. Among the functions of this exercise bike are:

  • Heavy Duty Make and Design- Allows for a maximum weight of up to 300 lbs. As this bike is developed from the sturdiest materials possible, you can expect smooth operations no matter your weight classification. This makes it the perfect bike for the overweight to shed excess calories.
  • 3 Piece Crank- A “High Torque” system that allows effortless pedaling even through the most intense resistance levels of cycling.
  • Heart Pulse Monitor- located on the handlebar to record your heart rate and pulse. This feature is essential for regulating your exercise routine so you do not over-exert yourself working out.
  • Seat Cushion- Large enough to fit plus sized people. With other exercise bikes, you can almost expect the seats to be small and thin. This could result in a very uncomfortable workout especially for people who have larger buttocks. Additionally smaller seats can also impact a person’s posture as he or she will constantly be looking for a comfortable position while working out.
  • 8-level Magnetic Resistance- Allows for multiple exercise programs that is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Furthermore, the magnetic resistance allows for seamless and smooth transition between resistance levels. You will not experience sudden acceleration or deceleration at any point of your exercise routine.
  • Space Saver Design- Feature that allows the exercise to be folded for storage purposes. This feature also allows the bike to be easily transported room to room in your home.

Importance of Biking Daily

When you have an exercise bike at home, this gives you the chance to exercise daily. Many experts will recommend that you get exercise at least 3 or 4 times a week. While this is true, the best way that you can achieve a healthy body is to exercise daily. It does not have to be for hours as you can exercise for 30 minutes every day. One of the best benefits of exercising 30 minutes a day is that you burn all excess fat and cholesterol that your body retains from the food that you eat.


The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is truly one of the best exercise bikes in the market today. You can own this bike for as little as $150.


Book of Ra Online Video Slots Basics

Book of Ra online spielen by loading up this popular video slots game onto your favorite Internet browser. Book of Ra is a phenomenal slot machine game at bricks-and-mortar casinos. Due to its immense popularity and sizable payout, the company Novoline, together with casino companies such as Stargames Casino, have developed an online version of Book of Ra.

Design and Style- Book of Ra Online

The game interface is highly intuitive in that the video slots are extremely easy to understand and operate once the game starts. Upon start of Novoline Book of Ra game online, players are given the chance to select the number of actives before spinning the reels. In addition to this, another variable, the wager amount per line, is to be identified in this stage of the game. Once the number of reels and wager amount are selected, the game will then calculate the total bet amount as well as the available amount of credits once a reel or two have been spun by players.

It is in the paytables that Book of Ra Novoline showcases the symbols that are currently in play as well as the corresponding payouts once symbols stop on an active line.

When you Book of Ra online spielen, the game starts by simply pressing the start button on the screen. If you want a faster and more hassle-free gaming experience, you may also choose the autoplay feature which basically spins the reels repeatedly, and stops only when the player decides for the game to end.

In the event of a winning combination, the screen will highlight the active line immediately. In addition, the winning combination will also alert the player of the total prize amount from playing the game.

Book of Ra Novoline Features

  • Book of Ra bei Stargames is known to give players the option of increasing their winnings using a plethora of combination winnings.For instance the golden Book of Ra symbol immediately offers numerous spins. Three golden Book of Ra correspond with up to 10 free real spins, thus granting players more chances of recouping their initial bets. What’s really awesome about the free real spins is that you can earn more free spins as you go!
  • Generate multipliers when you earn special expending symbols or bonus symbols everytime you spin the reel. There is higher winning combinations as well as big payouts from Book of Ra Stargames if you know how to play the odds right!

Payout Scheme

One of the major selling points of Book of Ra is that they offer a substantial payout to players of up to 96.9%. The initial deposit invested in Book of Ra will be easily recouped due to the exciting game scheme of Book of Ra.

With amazing features that double the earnings as well as pretty good theme and style, you can never go wrong with Book of Ra online.


Where to Find a Real Psychic – Your Best Sources

Are you looking for a medium who can provide you with a psychic reading? If so, then you probably are at lost for ideas on where you should start your search. Furthermore, with so many individuals claiming that they are genuine psychics, you probably would have headaches trying to sift through them and make your final decision. However, there is no real need for you to worry, as it isn’t that hard to locate one, given that you just take the time to educate yourself on the topic of where to find a real psychic.

It is extremely important that you know of the best places to find a genuine psychic, especially if you have plans of investing money on complete readings. You should know right away that making a mistake will result in you being completely disappointed, not to mention having your money go to waste. So to help you out, here are a few nuggets of wisdom when it comes to your best sources for information on where to find a real psychic.

Recommendations from People You Know You Can Trust

If you know people who have gone to a psychic, you should go ahead and ask them for a recommendation. If they are happy with the services they are paying for, chances are, you would be too. You just have to make sure that the information will be coming from people that you know you can trust.

They may be family members, close friends, colleagues, or co-workers. As long as the psychic has a great reputation among these trusted individuals, then you should consider setting up an initial appointment. This will provide you with an opportunity to see for yourself if he/she is the right one for you.

Online Forums and Communities

With so many people out there using the services of psychics, it is already to be expected that they have built forums and communities where they can talk about their experiences. Many of these can be found online. Check these out as you are highly likely to find a thread about their most recommended psychics as well as those that have completely disappointed them. From these, you can already start creating your list of potential psychics to work with and find the best one for you.

Unbiased and Independent or Third Party Review Sites

It is possible that you know of no one who has worked with a real psychic before. If such is the case, then the next best source of information on where to find a real psychic is the World Wide Web. There are now several unbiased and independent review sites dedicated to providing consumers with the information they are looking for. These are reviews made by third party websites, which means that they are not, in any way, affiliated with the psychics they have written about.

One such website that provides useful information, particularly on the topic of where to find a real psychic is Psychic Ratings. Here you will find reviews of psychics and psychic networks, as well as tips on how you can avoid being scammed by people just posing as genuine psychics.


Casino Grand Prix Review

There is no denying that the online casino industry is consistently growing, and Casino Grand Prix has proven to be one of its biggest players. Considered as an extremely sophisticated venue for Estonian players, it pays close attention to the importance of having trustful relations with all of its gambling players. Its goal is to successfully provide an excellent, secure, and fair online gaming experience using traditional casino games that play better odds compared to any land-based casino.

The Casino also features enormous amounts of jackpots and corresponding bonuses that grow after winning different casino games such as poker. Every avid casino player will find what they are looking for in this casino chain without having to worry about their security. Any casino gambling experience will never be complete without visiting this casino giant in Estonia.

Gambling players who are on the lookout for casinos that offer huge bonuses should definitely visit Casino Grand Prix branches. There is no doubt that they will have a continuous rush of excitement without ever having to travel to casino hotspots such as Las Vegas. Casino Grand Prix worked hard to keep up with its legendary beginnings. Seldom will there be any casino in Esstonia that can compare with the numerous incentives that are being offered to gambling players who visit any of the Casino Grand Prix branches.

From the minute that you enter a Casino Grand Prix branch, you become immediately eligible to qualify for the match up bonus that is being offered at every table. Gambling players who regularly visit Casino Grand Prix will receive additional bonuses that can double their earnings. Regular bonuses are also being offered to brand-new kasiino players too.

Because Casino Grand Prix realizes the importance of enticing gambling players through bonuses and promotions, there are also regular promotional offers that are available directly from the branches. Gambling players even have the option to take advantage of the different progressive games and poker tournaments that are being held at the different branches. One of the largest bonuses as well as promotions care readily offered by any of the Casino Grand Prix branches:

  • Tallinn
  • Johvi
  • Narva
  • Rakvere
  • Viljandi
  • Voru
  • Kurassaaere
  • ParnuCasino Grand Prix Games

It is guaranteed that players will be able to get access to the many casino and poker games at any day of the week. Regardless what type of game you enjoy to play, you will never run out of options with the various games that Casino Grand Prix branches as well as its online platform, www.grandprix.ee/ offer. Players who are more comfortable with fast game play will appreciate the regular progressives, aside from the payout options that are comparatively better than those from other rival casinos in Estonia. Some of the games you may enjoy playing can include:

  • Slot games
  • Table games such as Roulette, Craps, Poker, and Baccarat
  • Multi-Line Slot Machines
  • Bonus Games

Conclusion on Casino Grand Prix

There is no question that by focusing on security and fair gaming, Casino Grand Prix recognizes what is important, and makes is a true giant in the Estonian casino industry.


Top 5 Qualities that Every Pakedamine (Packaging) Material Should Possess

Product pakedamine (packaging) plays many different important roles in terms of marketing. In addition, it also impacts promotional campaigns, pricing, and how products are actually perceived by the consumers. You should also understand that packaging materials and methodologies can actually aid companies in creating their brand’s identity and strengthening authority.

However, in order for packaging to successfully perform these tasks, it should be utilized properly and sufficiently. There are also several qualities that make a good packaging, which include the following:

1. Eye Appeal

First and foremost, in order for pakedamine (packaging) materials to aid in product marketing and promotion, it should have eye appeal. This means that the package is distinctive, eye-catching, interesting, and unmistakable. It should be able to stand out clearly from the displays and shelves, as this will result in grabbing the consumers’ attention right away. When it is able to make a good, first impression, a buyer is more likely to pick up the product first.

2. Design, Colour, and Shape

When a product is wrapped in a packaging material that features a well- considered design, interesting printing, and eye-catching finishing, it will definitely entice a customer. You should know that when it comes to major distinctive qualities, attractiveness and aesthetics play major roles in pakedamine (packaging) materials. Consumers are more likely to purchase products that are wrapped in such packages.

3. Functionality

While properly designed and aesthetically appealing packaging materials are very important, functionality is just as crucial. In fact, the functional components of packaging materials are the basis for its success. If the package is successful in doing so, then the product is more likely to achieve greater success too. All in all, the packaging material should be able to keep the product and its aroma protected, hygienic, tight, and easy to handle.

4. Innovative

Innovative and novelty are two qualities that have great impact on consumers. If the packaging of a product possesses these qualities, you can rest assure that it will be more attractive and appealing to a consumer. Individuals are curious by nature, and these aspects can all the more intrigue them, making them want to pick up the product, check out what it is, and highly possibly want to purchase it.

5. Overall Material Quality

Last, but not the least is of course, the overall quality of the pakedamine (packaging) materials to be used. As mentioned above, the packaging material should be able to protect the product and all of its contents, so it should be very durable. You should also keep in mind that products are subjected to various conditions, including physical and environmental, so the packaging should be able to withstand the potential damages associated with them. In addition, they should also be sustainable and easy to dispose.

In today’s time and age, there are now a great number of suppliers of pakedamine (packaging) materials. However, you should keep in mind that not all of them actually provide top of the line products. Since you want to make sure that your money will be well invested on these crucial supplies, you should only work with a reliable provider.


Best Home Security Companies – Offering Invaluable 24 Hour Monitoring Services

Did you know that the best home security companies nowadays offer services that go way beyond what you can expect? Seeing that they are the best in the industry, they make certain that all the needs and wants of their clients are met and are satisfied completely. They make use of the most advanced and innovative technologies to ensure that the products and services they provide to their clients are indeed worthy of what they are being paid.

One of the factors that make home security companies the best in their field is the fact that they offer monitoring services. These are not just your regular monitoring services – these are as comprehensive as they can get. So in case you are not that familiar with this particular aspect of the home security industry, here are some of the things you should know about them that make them an invaluable part of your system.

All Day, Round the Clock Hour Monitoring Services

When you choose one of the best home security companies out there, you can take advantage of the 24 hour monitoring services they provide. That’s right – you, your loved ones, and your valuables will receive the highest possible level of safety and security, since there will always be a team of experts surveying your property. This will, no doubt, allow you to sleep more restfully at night, since you know that you can always depend on someone to watch over while you sleep.

Immediate Notification of Triggering of Alarms

Since your property will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will be made aware of any instance of an alarm being triggered in your house. This is very useful especially if you are away from your home most of the time. In the event one of the alarms installed in your home is triggered, the monitoring center will be notified immediately, and a representative there will then let you know of what happened.

Of course, there are times wherein a false alarm might occur. Fortunately, the best home security companies have found a way to prevent panic in situations like this. They have applications that their clients can download onto their Internet-connected devices, such as personal computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets, which will then provide them with a great amount of control over the system. If you have authorized the entry to your property but forgot to unlock the system, resulting in the alarm being triggered, you can simply turn it off using the application.

Authorities are Contacted in Cases of Possible Break-Ins

If the person who entered your home did not have any authorization and you have not turned off the triggered alarm within a set period of time, the round the clock monitoring center will then proceed with the next step – notify the appropriate department. The best home security companies will then contact the authorities to let them know that a possible break-in may have occurred. This can definitely be life-saving, especially if you do not find a way to call the police yourself.